Hello, my name is Amy Wright.

I’m a south Georgia native, living right outside of the small town I grew up in with my husband of 13 years, Joel. We have six children, from tween to toddler. We live on a farm, but we spend most of our time driving back and forth to town. As much as I love our little town and especially our home, I like to daydream about going different places and wearing sophisticated clothes while I’m there, because most days I’m wearing yoga pants.

Here’s what I feel passionate about: being nice to ourselves and to our kids. I started this blog because I’m only good at a few things, but encouraging others is one of them. My hope is to encourage other mothers to be kind to themselves—permission to let certain things go, daydream about possibilities, and learn how to bring our best selves to our every day life. Sometimes, when we’re in the throws of parenting, we need a friend to cheer us on and remind us it’s all going to be okay! Let’s cheer each other on as we continue growing and evolving in our families.

I’d love to connect with you. Please feel free to email me at amyhamon@hotmail.com—I promise I’ll write you back! I’m also on instagram at @amyhamonwright. Talk to you soon!