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Sylvia Plath Pies

Sylvia Plath Pies

When I was growing up as a single child with my mom, holidays could be kind of sparse. On the years that I spent at my mom’s house, we always went to my grandparents’ house (which you can see here for sale—insert all the feels :/ ) and my Grandma had a few trusty recipes that she made for us every year. Even though she’s gone now, Thanksgiving wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without her delicious Sylvia Plath pie. She named the pie after Sylvia Plath when she was doing her dissertation and came across this delicious recipe…she always did have sort of a dark sense of humor! Anyway, it has this ooey gooey filling that has kind of the same texture as pecan pie, but it’s chocolate and butterscotch instead of pecan flavored. In other words, basically a home run.

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Last week, our pastor and his wife invited us to eat Sunday lunch at their house, and I thought it would be the perfect time to make the first Sylvia Plath pies of the season! But I do have to say that I was worried how they were going to turn out because 1) I’m still eating Keto and couldn’t try them out for myself and 2) our gorgeous, British oven (which you can read about here) heats differently than regular ovens and I still haven’t quite figured out the temp/timing conversions. And sure enough, they didn’t set just right; but they still got eaten which is ultimately the point, right? So here’s the recipe, and I hope you’ll try it for yourself!

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When you mix it up, it looks so yummy that it’s tempting to eat before you bake it! But remember that raw eggs aren’t safe to eat.

The best part of this recipe is how few ingredients it calls for. Fewer ingredients means fewer cents spent on making a special dessert for your family—I don’t know what’s better than that!

Sylvia Plath Pie

1 stick butter, room temperature

3 cups brown sugar, packed

3 eggs

1 square unsweetened chocolate, melted

1/2 cup coffee cream (remember this was my Grandma’s recipe—we use whipping cream)

dash salt

Cream butter and brown sugar. Add eggs. Add chocolate and cream and beat for 3 minutes. Pour into 10” pie shell, unbaked.

Bake at 375 degrees for 30 minutes, then lower temperature to 300 degrees for 40 minutes or until firm.

We serve it with whipped cream on top!

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