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Welcome to The Big Family Home! I’m Amy. I like talking with God, candles, magazines, movie nights, the beach, big cities, big ideas, quaint little towns, and pretty much anything new. I am a wife and a mom of six kids who is trying to evolve into the calm, confident person I want to bring to my dinner table every night.

The Only Product I'd Buy if I Was Having Another Baby

The Only Product I'd Buy if I Was Having Another Baby

Hey friends! This fall things have gotten really busy around our house with six kids in school and one still at home; and because organization is not my gift, I’ve been wanting to declutter and just get rid of a bunch of stuff rather than try to clean and organize it.

So as I was looking under our bed (YIKES—first of all), I came across a box for a baby bassinet. Since our “baby” is soon turning three, I hadn’t seen any of our baby stuff in quite a while. For just a moment, I felt that twinge of baby fever and thought back to all the different cradles, bassinets, cribs, and other equipment we had bought and been given over the years. I think we could seriously fill up every room of this house if we had kept it all!

By the time we had our sixth baby, I had already gotten rid of almost all of it. We were living in a small, transitional space and I had found that we needed very few baby things. In fact, if I could only have bought one thing, as long as it was this particular thing, I think we would all have been just fine.


That one thing that I could not have lived without is an Ergo baby carrier. I bought our first Ergo on craigslist for $45 and it looked pretty much like this:

Before that I had had other wraps and carriers, but I’m challenged when it comes to tying scarves and sashes and all those kinds of things, so I really appreciated how easy it was to get these on!

When we went to NYC with our 4th baby when he was 9 months old, we took him in this craigslist Ergo and it was all we needed. He “walked” all over the city on my chest!

So when we had our fifth baby and decided to go to Disney World when he was two weeks old, you can imagine how panicked I felt when we got all the way there and realized we’d forgotten to pack it. UGH. So I sent Joel out to Target that night, and he bought one that looked like this:

Are you starting to see a theme? The more kids we had, the less we needed. I’m not a staunch attachment parenting proponent, but goodness gracious the peace that comes with wearing your baby cannot be overstated. Maybe it was just our babies, but all of them would cry almost constantly if I put them down to get things done. Instead, I would wear them and they would sleep while I carried on with my day. Then, because I needed rest and they needed to eat, I would sit down and take them out of the carrier to nurse and rock. I found this to be the quickest and easiest way to get their sleep schedule to mimic mine, too. Taking many short naps throughout the day while in the Ergo meant they slept for longer stretches at night sooner. ALLLL the hallelujah hands for that, amiright?

Even though it sounds like it, this post isn’t sponsored by Ergo or any store that sells them.

What about you? Are you a mom who likes to have lots of equipment? Or do you have only a few trusty standbys? I’d love to hear from you on the things you feel like are essential for the newborn phase; you can connect with me through Instagram or subscribe to my email list and shoot me an email!!

Hope For When I'm All Mommed Out

Hope For When I'm All Mommed Out

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Keeping a Big Family on Schedule When You're a Disorganized Mom