Let Them Chase Their Dream

After having a difficult conversation with our son, we learned that:

1. I add too much stress to his life…he explained it very well…he always want to do good for me, and when I don’t see him leaving it all in the field..I question him…and not in a nice way…so, he dislike that. So, I thanked him for the feedback and I told him that I would just drop him off at practice and pick him up instead of watching him practice. I don’t fuss after a game…I did fuss, a lot, after a practice if he did not practice as hard as he could. So, at least that part has been taking care of.

2. Another thing he does not like, is to talk about the game right after the game. He does not take feedback very well if we give it to him . after a game. Is best to wait a couple of hours, or even better if we wait to the next day. When it comes to coaching, I have noticed that my boy thrives when he finds a coach that has simple, relax approach to the game. He does not do well with a hardcore coach, that angers him which does not allow him to perform at his best. He likes a coach that makes the game a fun game. not a battle field.

After having that conversation with our son, we learned so much about him. It was bittersweet because we did not know he was holding on to so much…we did not know what his love was and what his dislikes were. Now we know…he has other dreams, he likes baseball and wants to play, but his real dream was put in the back burner because he though it was a stupid thing…well, is not a stupid thing if it means a lot to him…we as parents will support him and will provide him with the tools he needs to go after that dream.

Life is about creating a balance…is about being happy and chasing your dreams. So, to all the parents out there…don’t get to pushy about what you want your children to do…listen beyond what is said…find out what your child wants…and help them create a balance…a balance will let your child do more than one thing while being happy at it. After all, we all have multiple things to do in any given day…that is life! Support your children while they chase their dreams…keep it real…but do let them dream.

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