What I Wish I Was Wearing Because It’s 60 Degrees Outside


This is me. Except not. I wish it was though, and so what I like to do is pretend that a.) I have somewhere very important to go which would require me looking like a stylish professional and b.) these clothes are in my closet for me to throw on, and effortlessly float out the door to kill it at whatever this important deal I’m doing is.

I love the tan, pointed toe heels. About seven years ago, I bought a pair of Cole Haan pumps that look very similar to these from a secondhand shoe store in Tennessee. I think I paid $35 for them, and they have been the best investment I could have made. They are so comfortable and still look great; no telling how old they really are!!


When I was a single, working girl with nothing but time and a little extra money on my hands (I’m sure that time existed; just having a hard time remembering when), I shopped all the time. I bought things like funky red lace-up shoes and a matching purse that I probably only wore once. But the older I get, the more I want to have fewer, nicer, more versatile pieces that will last me forever.

So you can probably tell from the picture above that I’m a sucker for neutrals, but another thing I never get tired of is TRENCH COATS. They’re so stylish, and they never go out of style! Which is why I’m on the lookout right now for another secondhand score on something like this Burberry classic:


Moms, what do you wish you were wearing right now? Or am I the only one who is sitting at home in my exercise pants, knowing that there’s a more stylish version of me just waiting to go somewhere? If you have time, please connect with me over Instagram @amyhamonwright, and share if you have some inspiring ideas for what to wear this fall!