A Tour Of Our House


People ask me all the time if we have a huge house to fit all these people (currently 7 kids and 2 parents!). I always answer that it’s just big enough. We built this house last year, and I still love it…it’s 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms with about 3,000 square feet. None of the bedrooms are huge, but we have just enough room for everyone! Come on in!


This is our entry way. Technically it does look like this, except that this picture was taken in the summer when we didn’t have 1,000 book bags, sports bags, and (other?) bags lining the bench + a huge, overflowing basket full of shoes. Which is by the way the dumbest idea I’ve ever had, because 1. it smells—right as you walk in the front door and 2. it means I’m always picking up shoes and putting them back in the basket. But dark green is my very favorite color, and I love that we see it as soon as we walk through the front door!


To the right of the foyer is our living room. It’s open to the dining room and kitchen, which I know some big families don’t love. For us, it works because the ceilings aren’t too high and the dishwasher isn’t too loud; so we can all coexist in one big space together and still hear each other speak. Also, we had to bring down two more leather recliners, which turned the living room arrangement into a U shape, because we have too many people and not enough places for everyone to sit on movie night. But they’re sort of ugly, so they didn’t make the pic! I need to include another view of the living room, because this top picture doesn’t show one of my favorite features of our house—the 10’ mahogany French doors out to the front porch. I am obsessed with them! The only drawback is they’re pretty hard to keep clean with little fingers on them all day, but that’s okay. We still love them. And the kids.


This is our kitchen, and it’s my favorite spot in the house. I absolutely adore the appliances and the finishes that we picked, thank goodness. I use the island every single moment that I’m in there, and I feel like I couldn’t have anticipated the value that the butcher block counters would add to my daily cooking experience. Just feeling that real wood all the time elevates my time in the kitchen in a way that is unexplainable—but then again I’m a sucker for real materials. Also, one of my big splurges was the AGA Legacy stove. My hope was that it would be that special something that makes home feel like home, and it definitely delivered on that.

On the other side of the foyer is a tiny little hall to our bedroom. One of the reasons we picked this plan was that our bedroom was downstairs and towards the front of the house, so it was apart from the other bedrooms. It’s not too big, which is a good thing, and has the cutest little bumpout full of almost floor-to-ceiling windows. It’s definitely still a work in progress, but here’s how it looks so far…


And our master bathroom…


And the other downstairs bathroom. We picked patterned tiles in this bathroom, because it has to double as the guest bathroom and the boys’ bathroom. And we all know about little boys and bathrooms, which is why the tile goes halfway up the wall all the way around. Also, the farm sink came from an antiques shop in Savannah, and it’s big enough to bathe a baby in! It’s one of my favorite parts of the house!


Also down this hallway right off the kitchen are two bedrooms. One is being used by our exchange student, and one is Charlie’s nursery. Here’s the first bedroom…

IMG_0145 (1).JPG

This is Charlie’s nursery. Totally put together with hand-me-downs from his previous siblings’ nurseries, but it works!

So that wraps up part one of our house tour! These are pretty much all the rooms that make up the first floor, where four of the nine of us sleep.

I would love to hear and see pictures of your house! I know when I see other families’ spaces that aren’t so carefully crafted and Pinterest perfect, but still feel homey, I feel encouraged to push on with my own home. So shoot me an email at amyhamon@hotmail.com or connect with me on Instagram and show me some of your favorite spaces in your home!